Health visiting

Our health visiting service provides information, advice and support to pregnant women, expectant fathers and parents of new babies and young children.

Health visitors are specialists in nursing and/or midwifery. They work with parents and families to ensure the physical and emotional wellbeing of children up to the age of five, covering antenatal support, immunisation, parenting support, health checks and development reviews.

We provide services across Dorset, seeing people at home as well as at GP surgeries, children’s centres and local community clinics or health centres. Group sessions – such as parenting advice, baby massage and under 1s groups – are also available in a range of community settings.

Our teams liaise closely with GPs and other children’s services, and can put people in touch with other agencies if more specialist support is required.

All pregnant women will receive a visit from a health visitor from 30 weeks of pregnancy. Parents with babies and children under the age of five who transfer into the area and/or change their GP will be contacted by a member of the team soon after registering with a GP.

If you need to speak to your health visitor outside of the routine checks, or want to find out more about what support is available in your area, please get in touch.

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  • Self-referral by phone or letter

Contact information

Purbeck, Christchurch and East Dorset Lead Mary Rossant

  • Purbeck 07384 241928
  • Christchurch 07384 241941
  • East Dorset 07384 241949

North Dorset Lead Jakki Spencer

  • North Dorset 01258 394095

Dorchester and West Dorset Lead Catherine Hallatt

  • Dorchester 01305 217056
  • West Dorset 01308 428960

Chesil Lead Katy Hall

  • Chesil 01305 361071

North Bournemouth Lead Clare Travis-Punter

  • Kingsleigh, Kinson & West Howe 07766785933

South Bournemouth Lead Kathryn Vermeulen

  • Southbourne 07766 820015
  • Boscombe 07766 803277
  • Pokesdown 07766 820244

Central Bournemouth Lead Nina Ritchie

  • Townsend Reach 07766 888782
  • Stokewood & Winton 07766 796295
  • Queens Park 07766 820028

Poole East Lead Sue Flint

  • Branksome 07748 512004
  • Ted Webster 07748 393421
  • Rossmore 07748 414948

Poole West Lead Lydianne Weekes

  • Hamworthy & Turlin Moor 07748 404447
  • Canford Heath 07748 391278
  • Old Town 07748 506470

Newborn hearing screening

The newborn hearing screening test helps to identify babies who have permanent hearing loss as early as possible. This means parents can get the support and advice they need right from the start. Ideally, the test is done in the first four to five weeks, but it can be done at up to three months of age.

You will be offered a screen at a home visit by your health visitor. Alternatively, your baby may be screened in hospital if he or she has an extended stay in the special care nursery.

For more information please go to

You can also contact your health visitor or call the Dorset Newborn Hearing Screening Service direct on 01202 443839.

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