Jan Owens - Public Governor for Dorset/Rest of England & Wales

I am a Dorset resident and want to take some responsibility for ensuring we all receive the best quality community health and social care services.

I am a strong advocate of integrating physical and mental health services so each person is considered holistically and these services work closely with social care to look after people in their own homes or in their local community. I am committed to user's involvement in developing services because I have seen the huge improvement this makes to service quality and effectiveness.

I have worked for the NHS in Dorset for the last 14 years: I was a Non-Executive Director for the NHS commissioners from 2000-11, gaining an understanding of the health needs and inequalities in the County and how NHS finances are used to address them. I also worked independently with Dorset County Council adult and children's services, including reviewing some of their frontline services. From 2011-13, I was a Non-Executive Director for Dorset HealthCare, engaging with patients, staff and the voluntary sector. I resigned so the Board could be refreshed.

I think that Dorset HealthCare has huge potential for delivering high quality integrated services and I will work with the Council of Governors to support and challenge the Board to achieve that outcome.

Members of the Council of Governors