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The IPS model

Welcome to Dorset Work Matters, the service offered is based upon the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model promoted by the Centre for Mental Health in London, to help support people with a genuine desire to find paid work into employment. Its available to anyone with a mental health condition who are under a Dorset Community Mental Health Team (CMHT)

This model has successfully been used by different organisations around the country and has been shown to be effective in supporting people back into paid work. As stated on one of the Centre’s publications: “This service should be individual to a person’s needs and wishes; offer rapid placement in work; and provide ongoing support for as long as it is needed.”

Research has shown that the IPS approach achieved the greatest success with an average of 61% of participants being placed in competitive employment compared to 23% where other approaches were used.

From a practical point-of-view, the employment pathway works with an individual to identify the type of employment preferred, locate potential local employers using Google maps and visit these businesses in person with a CV.

What can you expect from us?

You will be working with an Employment Specialist from within your CMHT. We can offer support, guidance, advice and encouragement at every stage of the employment process for those seeking paid employment, from writing a CV to practicing interview techniques. This support continues while you are in work, ensuring that your working environment is supportive and understanding, and to liaise with your employer if required.

What do we expect from you?

We expect a commitment and genuine desire to find paid employment, a willingness to meet regularly and develop an agreed employment plan on which we will work on together. To be self-motivated to look for and apply for jobs, asking for assistance from your Employment Specialist whenever required. Be open and honest with any challenges or difficulties you have in the process, so your Employment Specialist can understand and give support to help improve them.

Contact us

For further information email Dorset Work Matters here.  Alternatively you can make contact by calling 01202 584484.

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