Who we are and what we do

Our school nursing teams work with children, families and school staff to support the health and development of school-age children across Dorset.

Every school in Dorset has a specialist school nurse, who will visit on a regular basis to promote healthy lifestyles and offer practical advice, information and support.

School nurses can provide:

  • health screening and assessments
  • healthy eating advice and weight management
  • immunisations
  • parenting advice
  • emotional support
  • bed-wetting clinics
  • signposting for specialist services, including speech and language therapy, sexual health and smoke-stop support
  • hearing tests.

School nurses also weigh and measure children in Reception and Year Six, as part of the National Child Management Programme.

If you need to see a school nurse, please speak to someone at your school. Alternatively, school nurses run regular drop-in sessions, for both children and parents/carers. These sessions are advertised by schools, and are completely confidential.

School Nursing