David Corbin - Staff Governor

As the Trust's Equality and Diversity Manager I have been a proactive, highly motivated member of the Trust since 2008.Why do you want to be a governor?

I'm proud to be a member of Dorset HealthCare. In my current role my responsibilities have grown and expanded across both clinical and non-clinical areas. This has put me in the privileged position of seeing the Trust from the top down and from the bottom up. My unique position also allows me to engage with staff on all levels and work along side our local community, some from communities who struggle to access health services and some who struggle to understand the NHS due to cultural or language barriers. My overriding ambition is to bring those perspectives to the table for discussion, support the development and implementation of services, which look to reduce barriers and health inequalities. The NHS Long Term Plan has refocussed, not just the NHS, but the whole Health Economy to work together for the benefit of the communities we serve. Change is inevitable, I want to be able to influence they way changes are implemented, so that those who have not had the best experiences of accessing health in the past are included in the new health vision.

What experience and skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

I have previous experience of being a Staff Governor at Weymouth College and also in Dorset Community Health Services, which I completed a 3yr term in both positions. I'm ex-armed forces and a qualified workplace mediator. By bringing the two together, shows determination and excellent communication skills.

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