Andrew Grundell - Public Governor - Dorset/Rest of England & Wales

Why do you want to be a governor?

I would like to be a governor to promote the great work being done by the trust, ensure that staff are given the support, tools and training to ensure patients receive the best possible care, improving our services and staff wellbeing. This is especially important in current times when the NHS is facing many challenges and I believe both my business experience and Mental Health passion brings a fresh perspective and helps broaden the diversity of the governors.

What skills do you feel you could bring to the role?

Following life changing events centred around the Mental Health of my Autistic son I have

re-focussed and now spend much of my time on charitable works.In the last year I have delivered a TEDx talk around Mental health and a community based solution, spoken in Westminster to MP’s about childhood adversity and Mental Health as well as making a large number of varied contacts with statutory stakeholders, third sector organisations, researchers and campaigners. I am skilled at talking to large and diverse groups of people about often difficult subjects, a strategic thinker who draws on 15 years experience as Managing Director of small businesses. I have a broad range of skills managing teams and

delivering new innovative projects with short lead times. My passion and understanding for mental health developed from my lived experiences combined with my business background give me a unique perspective and skillset for this role.

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