Angela Reed - Public Governor for Dorset/Rest of England & Wales

During my salaried working life I was employed by the NHS as a Medical PA at King’s College, Guy’s and other provincial hospitals.

I am committed to supporting the unsupported and the maintenance of physical mental and emotional health and social order. Having completed the appropriate training courses, I have involved myself in voluntary work throughout my adult life, mostly in a counselling capacity. In tandem with this I have been privileged to serve as a Magistrate in Wimbledon and Dorset for twenty-six years.

I have been a Purbeck resident for fourteen years. I am a Friend of Swanage Hospital, have worked with DDAAS in Swanage and also the Nightingale Home Care Team based in Corfe. as a carer as well as recommitting myself to the National Charity Speakability, having worked previously with the Stroke Association.

Members of the Council of Governors