What happens next?

What happens to my nomination?

When we receive your nomination, we will send an acknowledgement by e-mail to the nominee, their line manager and the nominator. The nominee will then be sent a certificate of nomination in the internal post to their work base.

Monthly nominations close on the 15th of each month, after which they are submitted to our monthly judging panel who score the nominations against a set of three criteria. Those scoring highly will be winners (there are no fixed numbers of winners each month to ensure that no-one is disadvantaged by the number of nominations that month). Winners will be contacted and invited, along with their line manager and nominator, to a celebratory tea party (with tea and cakes!), where they will be presented with a framed certificate and pin badge.

How will nominations be judged?

A small panel of Trust staff, including different professions and previous award winners will judge each entry and decide on those nominations that should be recognised more widely. When writing your nomination you should consider how the nominee meets each of the three criteria in the chosen category.

How will nominees and winners be recognised?

All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition. We will feature as many nominations as possible on the intranet and other internal communications channels.

Monthly winners from each category will be invited to attend a Tea Party where they will receive their certificate and pin badge presented by the Chief Executive or a member of the Board.

In addition to the monthly awards, all winners are put forward into a long-list for the annual awards in the same category. The annual awards will be shortlisted each year in August, and three finalists chosen in each category, with the awards ceremony taking place in September where the overall winners are announced.

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